FF: Levator Palpebrae Superioris

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levator palpebra superioris <ləˈvādər> <pāl’pə-brə>

n. sing. palpebra; n. pl. pal·pe·brae (-brē′)

Latin levare meaning “lift” – palpebra meaning “eyelid” – superioris meaning “upper”

first use mid-1700s

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Anatomy def: Levator palpebrae superioris are muscles lifting the superior (upper) eyelids. Why palpebrae? There are two such muscles – one for each eye; contracting together, they open the eyelids.

Outlander def: Jamie’s lid lifters raise in dismay, reminding him that he is alive, when he prefers death!

Learn about levator palpebrae superioris in Anatomy Lesson #29, The Eyes Have It!  This lesson teaches that only upper eyelids are lifted by muscles; lower eyelids glide open by the pull of gravity.

Read about Jamie eyes post-Culloden in Outlander book. Herself informs us that the Laird’s eyes were crusted shut with blood so they resisted opening. Levator palpebrae superioris muscles did the heavy lifting so he could gaze upon the encroaching aftermath. He’s alive but wishes he wasna!

The hand struck something hard, and the fingers tangled in wet, snarled hair. He sat up abruptly, and with some effort, cracked the layer of dried blood that had sealed his eyelids shut. Memory flooded back, and he groaned aloud. He had been mistaken. This was hell. But James Fraser was unfortunately not dead, after all.

See Jamie lift his upper eyelids as he awakens to the horrific devastation of Culloden Battlefield and the remembered loss of Claire! Both levators contract to reveal those bonny blues! Gif courtesy of Starz S.3 trailer. TY Starz!!!

FF Helix

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Anatomy Def: Curved outer rim of the pinna of the ear.

Outlander def: Curled edge of the ear flap, designed for kissing, nibbling and stroking! <G>

Learn about the helix of the ear in Anatomy Lesson #24, Hear, Here – The Ear. Try this: On yourself or a helper, feel the lovely curved rim of ear flap. The helix is formed of a cartilage core covered with thin skin. Its shape is highly variable, ranging from almost flat to deeply curved and anything in between!

Read about the curled helix in Dragonfly in Amber book. We can always depend on Diana! She incorporates the helix into Claire’s marvelous musing and charming caress of Jamie’s ear!

I smoothed the tumbled hair back, caressing those ears, so incongruously small and neat for such a large, blunt man. The upper curve glowed with a faint, translucent pink, and I ran my thumb along the edge of the curve.

See Jamie’s right helix (red arrow) in Starz episode 202, Not in Scotland Anymore. With eyes cast demurely downward, Jamie affords the King’s mistress a wee bit of dignity. Not Murty! Ears and eyes at the ready, he canna believe this! Och! Ye pierced both of them???? Yup, she did!

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Fun Fact: teres major

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Anatomy def: Paired shoulder muscles, each passing from a scapula to corresponding humerus. Teres major (yep, there’s a minor, too!) draws humerus toward body and rotates it inwardly (internal rotation).

Outlander def: Teres major is marked by a major big red arrow. This muscle can shoulder its way out of any freezing millpond. No problemo! The bump of teres major is clearly visible as Jamie rotates his left humerus toward the torso. Sista Jen, hie away and gie your bro some privacy!

Learn about teres major in Anatomy Lesson #20, “Arms! Arms! Arms! – Redux.” Although most of this muscle lies in the upper back, its tendon inserts on the humerus and moves this bone.

Read about Jamie’s shoulder muscles in Outlander book. Nurse Claire is appalled at the ruined skin overlying his smooth shoulder and back muscles… Courtesy of you-know-who!

“Ye seem to have a knack for letting me know you’re sorry for it, without makin’ me feel pitiful about it.” He sat patiently, not moving as I circled behind him and inspected his back. I didn’t know how bad he thought it was, but it was bad enough. Even by candlelight and having seen it once before, I was appalled. Before, I had seen only the one shoulder. The scars covered his entire back from shoulders to waist. While many had faded to little more than thin white lines, the worst formed thick silver wedges, cutting across the smooth muscles.

And from Dragonfly in Amber book, we conger an image of Jamie’s large shoulders and muscles! Claire’s soaped fingers pass over teres major….no doubt about it! Ha ha!

The soap bubbles ran down across the wet, gleaming curves of his shoulders, and my hands followed them, spreading the slickness so that my fingers seemed to float on the surface of his skin. He was big, I thought. Near him so much, I tended to forget his size, until I saw him suddenly from a distance, towering among smaller men, and I would be struck anew by his grace and the beauty of his body. But he sat now with his knees nearly underneath his chin, and his shoulders filled the tub from one side to the other.

See Jamie’s left teres major muscle (white dot) at the old mill stream in Starz episode 112, Lallybroch! Need a towel, laddie? Sorry, ye are on your own! <G>

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