Fun Fact: Iliopsoas

Anatomy def: Iliopsoas muscles are flexors of the hip joints. Flexion draws together the bones of a joint thereby reducing the angle between them. 

Outlander def: Preferring the Highland Fling dismount, Claire and Jamie contract right iliopsoas muscles to hoist their right legs and skedaddle-from-the-saddle.

Learn about iliopsoas in Anatomy Lesson #7: Jamie’s Thighs – Ode to Joy! 

Each iliopsoas is a composite muscle formed of iliacus and psoas. These muscles arise in the abdomen via pelvic bone and lumbar vertebrae, respectively. They descend into the thigh, unite and insert via a common tendon into the femur. 

As they contract, the thigh is raised toward the torso, or with the thigh fixed (held steady), the torso is flexed toward the thigh. We actually have nine hip flexors for each hip joint, but iliopsoas is strongest!

Fun Fact: If one is a proper anatomist (he he), psoas is more accurately termed psoas major.  Why? Because, there is a psoas minor – albeit only 25% of people have one. When present, it’s a pretty dinky muscle. It lies anterior to psoas major and contributes little to hip flexion.

And,  just so you know, the “p” in psoas is silent, so the word is pronounced “soas.”  

Read about thighs in Diana’s first splendid tome, Outlander! Does she mention iliopsoas muscle? No, but she does mention thighs. Woot! 

Claire notices Jamie’s thighs on that wild ride through the night near Cocknammon Rock:

My companion seemed to be having little trouble, in spite of being unable to use his right hand. I could feel his thighs behind mine, shifting and pressing occasionally to guide the horse. I clutched the edge of the short saddle in order to stay seated; I had been on horses before, but was by no means the horseman this Jamie was.

And, later after marriage vows have been made, Jamie recalls his thighs and praises Claire’s bottom <G>:

But then that ride through the dark together….with that lovely broad arse wedged between my thighs…

See Claire do the Highland High Kick in Starz ep. 102, Castle Leoch.  Gentleman Jamie follows suit as he dismounts to aid deceitful Geneva in Starz, ep. 304, Of Lost Things!

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Photo creds: Starz

Fun Fact: Extensor Indicis

Anatomy def: Extensor indicis is a muscle of the extensor (back) forearm – its tendon extends (straightens) the index finger (pointer finger or forefinger).

Outlander def: Jamie’s pointer finger twitches madly as Claire and Jenny come face-to-face in their terse meet-and-greet. Tappity tap – a 20-year gap. Scary!

Learn about extensor indicis in Anatomy Lesson #23, Harming Hands – Helping Hands – Healing Hands.

Turns out, the index finger receives tendons from extensor indicis and extensor digitorum (covered in a earlier FF).  Both muscles lie in the back of forearm but the tendons cross the wrist and insert into bones of the index finger. The dual tendons straighten (extend) and lift the index finger, offering it greater strength in extension and more independent movement from the remaining three fingers.

Fun Fact: In US anatomy, the thumb is not counted as a finger, so index finger is the first. Across the pond, some European anatomists define the thumb as  the first finger, so index is counted as the second finger. Ergo, many surgeons prefer using: thumb, index, middle, ring and little fingers (or something similar) to omit possible mix-ups of finger numbers during surgery. Scary x2!

Rewatch Starz episode 308, First Wife, to see Jamie’s pointer finger flutter as he ponders the strain between first wife and big sista. Not good! 

Read about Jamie’s twitchy fingers in Voyager book. Actually, his tapping fingers appear in most of Diana’s books:  

I caught a quick glance passing between Ian and Jenny; and a longer stare, unreadable, exchanged between Jenny and Jamie. A stranger here in more ways than one, I kept my own eyes cast down, observing under the shelter of my lashes. Jamie sat to my left; I could feel the tiny movement between us as the two stiff fingers of his right hand drummed their small tattoo against his thigh.

See Big Red flutter his index finger in Starz episode 308, First Wife. Kebbie-lebbie at Lallybroch!

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2018 SDCC Interview with Heather Insley

Greetings Outlander fans! At SDCC just before the Outlandish Fan Panel, I was lucky to snag an interview with Heather Insley, admin for Outlander SoCal Edition.  Turns out, this group has been around since 2013 and has been instrumental in promoting all things Outlander. They’re on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube!

Good news! You do not need to live in Southern California to join this welcoming group!

This is my interview with perky and warm Heather. Pssst……she loves to wear knitted caps, but light weight ones, as soCal can get a wee bit warm at times. <G>

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