Fun Fact: Penetrating Wound

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Anatomy Def: Penetrating wounds are open wounds that pierce the skin and penetrate underlying tissues.

Outlander Def: One of Claire’s fav wounds. Her nimble fingers, aided with scalpel, extracts a wooden shard from a hapless hand!  Murtagh serves as  surgical assistant. Go for it, Nurse Sassynach!

Learn more about penetrating wounds in Anatomy Lesson #35, Outlander Owies! – Part One. Two types of penetrating wounds occur. If the penetrating object stays in the body, then it is “just” a penetrating wound; if it passes through the body then it becomes a perforating wound.

Read about a penetrating wound to the thigh of a hapless homme in Diana’s spectacular second big book, Dragonfly in Amber!

A long sliver of wood, flying free of the splintered cartwheel, had driven upward, deep into the thigh… the deeper wound had festered and formed a pocket of pus around the intrusion, buried in the muscle tissue where no surface symptoms were visible.… A little scalpel work to enlarge the entrance wound, a quick grip with a pair of long-nosed forceps, a smooth, forceful pull—and I held up a three-inch sliver of wood, coated with blood and slime.

See Claire’s deft fingers remove the penetrating object and treat the penetrating wound in Starz episode 114, The Search.  But, if you want to really get grossed out, watch the extraction of the penetrating object from an infected thigh in Starz episode 203, Useful Occupations and Deceptions – this scene matches the book quote. Terrific special effects!

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Fun Fact: nasalis

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fun fact, nasalis, nose, nostril

Anatomy def: Nasalis is a small muscle of facial expression, one on each side of the nose. To be precise, the muscle’s full name is musculus nasalis; musculus is Latin for “little mouse under the skin,” referring to our muscles. <g> Each nasalis has two parts: one part flares the alae (nostril flaps) and another part constricts the nostrils.

Outlander def: Nose muscles flaring the nostrils of hearty horses and hostile Heilanders!

Learn about the nasalis muscle in Anatomy Lesson #28, The Savvy Sniffer Sniffer – Claire’s Nose Knows!

Read about flaring nostrils in Voyager book. No quotes that match our image, but here is one about Jamie. Just understand that nostrils do not flare unless nasalis muscles are constricted. Herself provides <G>!

Jamie’s lips pressed tight together and his nostrils flared white. Then he whirled on his heel and was gone without speaking. Rapid steps sounded on the boards, and a muffled slam came from the far end of the passage.

Want to know why Jamie’s nostrils flared white? Read the book!

See Angus’ flare his nostrils in Starz episode 210, Prestonpans! This fiesty fiend’s nasalis muscles are fully contracted. He smells those Redcoats and he doesna like the stench. Angus’ nostrils are so flared, they produce white lines aside his alae! Do you see them? Thank you Angus, for being a perfect anatomical model!

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Fun Fact: pinna

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Dougal Mackenzie's Graham McTavish's pinna

Anatomy def: Residing outside the head, the pinna is the visible part of an ear; a.k.a. the auricle, but, not to be confounded with the oracle 😁. Pinna is more specific because the term auricle is also used for other body parts (e.g. heart atria).

Outlander def: Dougal’s splendid ear flaps are so sensitive, they pick up treacherous treason in the air! Love his unique ear flanges (Diana’s oft used term). Same ear part as was nailed to the pillory at Cranesmuir!

Learn about the pinna in Anatomy Lesson #24, Here, Hear – The Ear.

Read about Dougal’s pinna – they pick up sound waves vibrating with plots of vile murder and treason (Outlander book) – yikes!

“Dougal,” he said. “It isna what ye think, man. It’s—” “No?” … “Not what I think?” he said, still speaking softly. “I hear the woman urging ye to foul murder—to the murder of your Prince! Not only vile murder, but treason as well! And ye tell me I havena heard it?” He shook his head, the tangled russet curls lank and greasy on his shoulders. … “I dinna blame ye, lad,” he said. … “It isna your fault, Jamie. She’s bewitched ye—anyone can see that.” … That’s the spell that they lay on ye, lad—she and the other witch. … “Stand aside, laddie. I’ll free ye of the sassenach whore.” … “I shall cut your throat,” he said to me softly. … Step aside, lad. I wouldna harm ye, but by God, if ye shield that woman, I shall kill you, too, foster son or no.”

See Dougal’s pinnae in Starz ep 213, Dragonfly in Amber; his ear flaps are atingle with pernicious plotting against his precious prince!