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Perhaps this post should wait for Father’s Day, but that holiday remains months away and Outlander S.3 is bursting with Jamie’s fatherhood. Patriarch, dad, daddy, dada, da, pa, padre, pop, pappy, papa, poppa, paterfamilias and sire; whichever title you use to address fathers, each applies to Jamie.

Jamie is father to many – his own biological offspring as well as foster son, Fergus. He is also the prototype of a father many dream of having: intelligent, patient, loyal, dependable, steady, strong, firm, confident, protective, and loving.

Lord John Grey provides a sage description of Jamie’s power as a father (Voyager book):

“Jamie—” he said, putting his hand on Fraser’s shoulder. The Scot swung round, his features hastily readjusting themselves, but not fast enough to hide the misery in his eyes. He stood still, looking down at the Englishman.

“You’re right to go,” Grey said. Alarm flared in Fraser’s eyes, quickly supplanted by wariness.

“Am I?” he said.

“Anyone with half an eye could see it,” Grey said dryly. “If anyone ever actually looked at a groom, someone would have noticed long before now.” …

Some sires stamp their get. I have the distinct impression that any offspring of yours would be unmistakable.”


Each of Jamie’s children are indelibly stamped by his genetic legacy. One look at his beautiful children and tears spill.

Starz episode 207, Faith

FAITH (Dragonfly in Amber book)

“She was perfect,” I said softly, as though to myself. “So small. I could cup her head in the palm of my hand. Her ears stuck out just a little—I could see the light shine through them. The light had shone through her skin as well, glowing in the roundness of cheek and buttock with the light that pearls have; still and cool, with the strange touch of the water world still on them. “Mother Hildegarde wrapped her in a length of white satin,” I said, looking down at my fists, clenched in my lap. “Her eyes were closed. She hadn’t any lashes yet, but her eyes were slanted. I said they were like yours, but they said all babies’ eyes are like that.” Ten fingers, and ten toes. No nails, but the gleam of tiny joints, kneecaps and fingerbones like opals, like the jeweled bones of the earth itself. Remember man, that thou art dust.…


Starz, episode 301 The Battle Joined

BREE: (Dragonfly in Amber book)

“How long … did you hate me?”

Gold eyes met blue ones, innocent and ruthless as the eyes of a falcon. “Until you were born. When I held you and nursed you and saw you look up at me with your father’s eyes.”

…“And then I began to know you, something separate from myself or from Jamie. And I loved you for yourself, and not only for the man who fathered you.”


Starz, episode 304 Of Lost Things

Willie: (Voyager book)

He swallowed, and saw the reflection’s throat move. It was by no means a complete resemblance, but it was definitely there. More in the set and shape of the head and shoulders, as Lady Grozier had observed—but most definitely the eyes as well. Fraser eyes; his father, Brian, had had them, and his sister, Jenny, as well. Let the boy’s bones go on pressing through his skin; let the child-snub nose grow long and straight, and the cheekbones still broader—and anyone would be able to see it


Father that he is, Jamie has the courage to protect his children by doing what must be done. And, suffers a father’s grief over the loss of his children! Will he ever see his beloved offspring again?

Starz, episode 304 Of Lost Things


Haiku to Father James

Leaving his children.

Trust in another’s keeping –

Will it ever end?


A deeply grateful,

Outlander Anatomist








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  1. Batbara Bell says:

    Sitting here, 3 a.m., reduced to tears by your touching haiku and the sadness in Jamie’s life . Sam has expressed such ultimate pain in his eyes alone…..he is the consummate actor!

    1. Oh, Batbara, I am deeply touched that you would write at 3am to share your feelings with me! Thank you for your comment about my haiku for Jamie. I agree with you: Sam takes us on Jamie’s journey like no other actor could.So grateful he took up the part!

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