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Starz episode 306, A. Malcolm

Anatomy def: The ossa nasale are small paired bones forming the bridge of nose. These support the softer cartilage sides and tip of nose.

Outlander def: Delicate nose bones in peril as arduous sweethearts bump-thump: Jamie’s hard head meets Claire’s delicate bridge of nose. Och! What a memorable moment for the two lovers, underscoring 20 years of absence!!! 

Learn about ossa nasale in Anatomy Lesson #28, Claire’s Nose – The Savvy Sniffer!

Diana’s books are replete with examples of Claire sniffing out all manner of splendors, offenders and defenders! Intact ossa nasale provide the very best nasal architecture for her (and us) to sample odors, smells, scents, aromas, fragrances, reeks, stinks, miasmas, whiffs, flavors, fetors, airs, aurae, stenches and funks. Claire’s savvy sniffer does ‘em all!

Read about Claire’s ossa nasale in Voyager book. The two-decades, long-awaited moment is interrupted with a head-to-nose kebby-lebby!

My nose hit his forehead with a sickening crunch. My eyes watered profusely as I rolled away from him, clutching my face. “Ow!”

“Christ, have I hurt ye, Claire?” Blinking away the tears, I could see his face, hovering anxiously over me. “No,” I said stupidly. “My nose is broken, though, I think.” “No, it isn’t,” he said, gently feeling the bridge of my nose. “When ye break your nose, it makes a nasty crunching sound, and ye bleed like a pig. It’s all right.” 

I felt gingerly beneath my nostrils, but he was right; I wasn’t bleeding. The pain had receded quickly, too. As I realized that, I also realized that he……

Psst….for the rest of this passage,….. read the book! <G>

See Och! See Jamie’s head smack the bridge of Claire’s nose and Claire grip her ossa nasale in Starz, episode 306, A. Malcolm! Laddie, yer heid is as hard as an iron pot, or so says your sister, Jenny! 😉

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2 thoughts on “Fun Fact: os nasale

  1. Mena Pronto says:

    Dear friends, i have a question- Why Jamie can not blink a single eye?
    Have to do with a possible anatomical fact or is mrely a funny fact by D.G.?
    Thank you ,best regards
    Mena Pronto

    1. Hi Mena. What a great question.

      Jamie cannot wink one eye – instead, he blinks both eyes while attempting to wink. Winking and blinking require muscles attached to the eyelids. I know of no condition which prevents a one eyed wink if the eye and its musculature are otherwise healthy.

      The Outlander books do not mention any other problems with Jamie’s eyes or facial muscles. Thus, one can reasonably assume that blinking both eyes in an attempt to wink one is a D.G. funny fact .

      I love this term, BTW. She does have a number of them in her books such as a birthmark in exactly the same spot for father and son (Roger and Jemmy). This is not known to happen. My guess is, Diana employs such devises to entertain and further her wonderful stories!

      I hope this answers your question.

      Thank you for writing!


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