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Starz ep 309, The Doldrums

Anatomy def:  Puke is an English word meaning to vomit or to expunge the gastric contents.

Outlander def:  Jamie’s sea voyage compulsion to hurl his first wife’s ginger tea or anything else residing in his wobbly wame!  Ralph, heave, upchuck, spew, gag, be sick, retch, barf, throw up, regurgitate, emit, and disgorge – we all ken the vicious urgency of a tummy that demands purging!!!

Learn about puking in Anatomy Lesson #46, “Splendid Stomach, Wobbly Wame! Yes, there is an Anatomy Lesson on this less-than-tea-time topic! <G>

BTW, have you assumed the word, puke, is a 20th century invention? Or, have ye ever wondered who invented such a poetic term?

Well, none other than “The Bard,” Himself!  Puke first appeared in Shakespeare’s As You Like It (II. vii. 144):

At first the infant, mewling, and puking in the nurse’s arms,”…

Who knew?

Read about Jamie’s “Battle of the Wame” in Diana’s splendid tome, Voyager! if you haven’t read these marvelous stories, hope you get “on board” soon (hah!).

“Never mind,” I said. I glared back over my shoulder at the heap of reeking bedclothes. It stirred slightly, and a groping hand emerged, patting gingerly around the floor until it found the basin that stood there. Grasping this, the hand disappeared into the murky depths of the berth, from which presently emerged the sound of dry retching.

See Jamie’s agonizing heave hos in Starz ep 309, The Doldrums. His wretched retching caused my own wame to wobble a wee bit! How ’bout you? 😱

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4 thoughts on “Fun Fact: puke

  1. Melissa Harrelson says:

    Puking, at least other people doing it, doesn’t bother me at all. Do love that you told us about the Bard’s usage of the word. If Jamie would eat something as soon as he begins feeling ill, he would be fine. Food is the best cure for seasickness. Of course, eating a ham sandwich is not nearly as interesting as acupuncture needles in one’s face!

    1. Good morning, Melissa. So glad that the topic wasn’t a put off for you. Some couldn’t listen to the sound effects, which were very effective! I thought the Bard tidbit was extremely interesting, too. I didn’t know the word origin until I went looking. Agree, he should eat something like hardtack or bannocks. And, no, a ham san isn’t nearly as riveting as seeing a human pin cushion! Loved that Jamie was concerned about hurting Claire’s feelings. 🙂

  2. Lynne Meek says:

    I had the subtitles on. When it said ‘sound of vomiting’, I had time to put my hands over my ears.

    1. Hi, Lynne. You didn’t want to hear the sound of the old heave ho? I understand. Truly, it was very convincing!

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