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picture of jamie fraser on battle field from outlander

Starz Outlander episode 301, The Battle Joined

Anatomy def: Brought in? Adductor means brought in? How do such words apply to anatomy?

Easy peasy: adductors are muscles whose contraction draws a body part toward the midline or toward another body part. Six adductor muscles draw the thigh toward the midline: gracilis, adductor brevis, adductor longus and adductor magnus, aided by pectineus and obturator externus.

Outlander def: Jamie’s thigh-high kilt <G> reveals powerful left thigh adductors forming a well-defined mass of the inner thigh (red arrow). A grinning Murtagh dispatches a red coat and helps Jamie rise from a seated position: “ye are welcome!” Adductors contract to lend balance and assist Murty’s lift: git up, man, there’s a battle raging!!! 

Learn about the thigh and its powerful muscles in Anatomy Lesson #7, Jamie’s Thighs or Ode to Joy

Read about thighs in all Diana’s works as Herself often writes about them – not specifically about adductor muscles, but about various thigh muscles, sinews, bones, skin and scars! Consider this wonderful bit from Voyager book; takes you right back to that intimate C + J reunion after 20 agonizing years apart:

I reached out and stroked his thigh, touching the long scar that ran down it. “I wish I could have been there to take care of you,” I said softly. “It was the most horrible thing I ever did—leaving you, knowing … that you meant to be killed.” I could hardly bear to speak the word. 

“Well, I tried hard enough,” he said, with a wry grimace that made me laugh, in spite of my emotion. “It wasna my fault I didna succeed.” He glanced dispassionately at the long, thick scar that ran down his thigh. “Not the fault of the Sassenach wi’ the bayonet, either.” 

See Jamie’s adductor muscles in Starz Outlander episode 301, The Battle Joined. They are admirably awesome (red arrow)!

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  1. Muriel J Moore says:

    LOL! Love anatomy lessons!😍 Especially, when related to our beloved Jamie/Sam!He does have a magnificent body!

    1. Good morning Muriel! I love using our Jamie as an anatomical model for the very reason you cite. He is a near perfect example of the male human body and I couldn’t ask for a better one. Wait, I guess I didn’t ask! Hehe. Well, he hasn’t objected yet. Have a great day!

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