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Anatomy Def: The cephalic vein is a superficial vein of the arm (red arrow) that drains hand, forearm and arm. It carries blood towards the head (hence the name) until it reaches the shoulder joint region where it dives to join the subclavian vein deep to the clavicle. From there, blood continues to the heart.

Outlander def: A delicious ridge of Jamie fresh-flesh! It is a stark standout as he mutters sweet-sweets to unborn Faith!

Learn about the cephalic vein in Anatomy Lesson #17, “The Wedding or Hallelujah Chorus!” Oh, yeah, Jamie’s cephalic vein is just fine and dandy on his wedding night. Look for it as Claire finally gets with the plan and circles his Nakedness. <G>

Read about the cephalic vein in Outlander book! Well, Diana actually describes the cephalic vein –  it’s the one he traces “up the inner side of my upper arm.” Shiver! But she does name the subclavian vein which receives blood from the cephalic. Hope I haven’t lost ye! 😉

“Your skin is so fine I can see the blood moving beneath it,” Jamie said, tracing the path of a sunbeam across my bare stomach. “I could follow the veins from your hand to your heart.” He drew his finger gently up my wrist to the bend of the elbow, up the inner side of my upper arm, and across the slope below my collarbone. “That’s the subclavian vein,” I remarked, looking down my nose at the path of his tracking finger. “Is it? Oh, aye, because it’s below your clavicle.

See Jamie’s cephalic vein in Starz episode 206, Best laid Schemes!

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