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Starz, Outlander episode 307, Creme de Menthe

Anatomy Def:  Flat, colored, ring-shaped layer behind the cornea of the eye, with an adjustable circular opening (pupil) in the center. In Greek mythology Iris was goddess of rainbows, an apt metaphor for the many colors of the human iris.

Outlander def: “Claire!”… His goddess, as far as Jamie’s bonny blue irises are concerned. His orbs fix on a face – not seen in 20 years! And, Claire’s irises fix on her soul mate:

Sing me a song of gal who’s not gone,

Say, could that lass be Claire?

Some were dead wrong, as she loves her man strong,

Challenge her will if you dare!

Jamie’s her man,

She belongs to his clan,

She’s part of his blood and bone!

Her eyes are for him; she’ll risk life and limb,

‘Till their life on earth shall be done!

Learn about irises in Anatomy Lesson #31, An Aye for an Eye. Irises are shaped a bit like those old 45 records: thin and flat with a hole in the center. The hole in the center of an iris is the pupil. Pupil diameter increases when the dilator pupillae muscle contracts; its diameter decreases when the constrictor pupillae muscle contracts.

Read about Jamie’s eyes in Voyager book: 

“You’re real,” he whispered. I had thought him pale already. Now all vestiges of color drained from his face. His eyes rolled up and he slumped to the floor in a shower of papers and oddments that had been sitting on the press—he fell rather gracefully for such a large man, I thought abstractedly.

See Jamie’s blue irises in Starz, Outlander episode 307, Creme de Menthe. He canna believe his irises! She’s baaack!!!!

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  1. ingeborg oppenheimer says:

    love your version of “sing me a song”!

    1. Why, thank you, Ingeborg 🙂 I am happy you liked it.

      TY for writing!

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