Outlander Talk with OutlanderBTS

Greetings Outlander fans!  Last Friday evening,  Courtney Williams of Outlander Behind the Scenes brought together an attorney, an anatomist and a physician to share our thoughts about Outlander ep 402, Do No Harm.

Outlander ep 402, Do No Harm

Nothing said was pre-rehearsed. The outcome of this discussion is largely due to the management, interviewing and editing skills of Courtney William.

Although Courtney and I met in September at NYCC,  we had not met either Catherine or Antoinette.  Within moments we were fast friends and colleagues – a testament to the strength and fidelity of the Outlander fandom!

Bolstered by our fav drinks, we began a far reaching discussion of first impressions, slavery, medicine, Jocasta, aconite and other miscellaneous topics.

Especially poignant are remarks by Cathy and Antoinette, both women of color. I hope you can find an hour  of free time to watch our musings. Please feel free to comment on the discussion which can be accessed at this link: http://outlanderbts.com/

A deeply grateful,

Outlander Anatomist

Photo credit: Starz