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Anatomy def: Throat bulge created by the laryngeal prominence, a hillock of cartilage belonging to laryngeal cartilages. Typically, larger in post-pubescent males than in females.

Outlander def: Most folks ken the laryngeal prominence as the Adam’s apple, a firm mound most visible with neck extended and head thrown back. Some are prominent enough to reflect light! <G>

Learn about the laryngeal prominence in Anatomy Lesson #42, The Voice – No, not that One! Nine cartilages comprise the larynx or voice box; the laryngeal prominence belongs to the thyroid cartilage, the largest of these nine!

Read about the laryngeal prominence in Diana’s third big book, Voyager. Here, Fergus’ Adam’s apple bobs precariously in his slender throat!

It was a savoury made of goat’s meat and bacon, and he saw Fergus’s prominent Adam’s apple bob in the slender throat at the smell of it. He knew they saved the best of the food for him; it didn’t take much looking at the pinched faces across the table.

See Jamie’s very prominent laryngeal prominence as his head drops back in Season 3, Episode 1 The Battle Joined. “Are ye alive?” Barely! “Let me be!” But, Rupert is having none of that. He willna leave Jamie to die alone in the freezing moor mud, even if the lad did dirk daring Dougal!

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  1. I was searching for what is the meaning of Adam’s apple and then landed on this site. Now, I understood that Adam’s apple means laryngeal prominence. I can see many fun facts on your site regarding anatomical sites. Your site is very unique

    1. Hi Trendy! Ah, this is wonderful that you found my anatomy site. I do have many FF and also anatomy lessons based on Diana Gabaldon’s series of Outlander books and the TV series. I have been in Scotland for the past three weeks and haven’t posted new FF or lessons during that time. I do hope the information was helpful. Thank you for writing.

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