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Several Twitter friends and I enjoyed a lively discussion this morning about privacy. This is a great moment to reiterate my stance about teaching anatomy using characters from the Outlander books and Starz series. I canna resist a teaching moment, ye ken?

This blog walks a fine line. Actors have a right to their private lives and bodies. Thus, I follow the convention of using the Outlander character’s names and images from the Starz series giving the cast at least one degree of separation and a wee bit of respect as I dissect the character’s bodies with words.

That being said, I did veer from convention yesterday in Anatomy Lesson #16 by using a photo of actor Graham McTavish (sorry Mr. McTavish – no not Jamie!) as a verra fine understudy for Dougal. Big D is dashing but also verra modest. And, in Anatomy Lesson #1, I did use another actor’s name. But, that post spurred my current convention. Call it blogger’s development.


After teaching anatomy to thousands of students over nearly four decades, I harbor the deepest respect for the human body in all its combinations and permutations. So, last fall after watching the first seven Starz episodes I was inspired to launch Outlander Anatomy.

Like you, I honor Diana Gabaldon for the fabulous Outlander series of books and her splendid skill of imbuing life into characters, history, conditions and medical exigencies. I’m further moved by the superb casting, acting, writing, costuming, staging, filming, editing and producing that characterizes the Starz Outlander series.

This blog explores and blends my passion for human anatomy and Outlander, a genuine cross-pollination of compelling subjects! Thank you for your enthusiastic support of the lessons and for those who are new to class…a very heartfelt welcome!

The deeply grateful,

Outlander Anatomist

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